New parents, 6 ways to make a full-time income from home

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Financial pressures cause the majority of new parents to return to work much sooner than expected. An article by Forbes reveals the astonishing truth that 25% of new moms are forced to return to work, just two weeks after having a new baby.

The lack of sleep, the emotional changes, the breastfeeding, combined with the pressures of work, can really take a toll on a new mom. Far too often women are rushed back into the office before they’re actually ready.

Personally, I don’t feel parents should have to choose commutes and office stress over spending time with their newborn child. That’s why I want to share six things couples can do to make money right from their own home.

After spending two years raising our daughter, my wife Tabitha was ready to return to work, but only on two conditions. 1. She wanted to start off part-time, and 2. She wanted it to be 100% work-from-home.

I thought this was a little bit of a stretch. However, to my surprise, she ended up with multiple job offers. Almost two years later, Tab still works from home. She goes to the office when she chooses, and our daughter goes to a school within walking distance of our house. This makes getting our daughter to school in the morning less stressful for my wife and is better for our marriage overall.

Proverbs 24:3 says, “By wisdom, a houses built, and through understanding it is established.” Far too often, husbands don’t take the time to understand how a wife feels about leaving the house to return to work after having a newborn baby.

This can cause unnecessary stress on wives that can be avoided.

There are lots of couples that don’t truly understand how delicate the transition of going back to work can be. This is primarily why arguments over kids is one of the biggest reasons for divorce today. 

For the new parents that don’t feel they can afford for either parent to stay home, here are six things you can do to make money right from home.

1. Become An Affiliate

The first thing you can do is become an affiliate. If there’s already products or services you’re using, you can recommend those same products or services to your friends, or people you care about and get paid for it.

Sites like Amazon will pay you to recommend customers to use products that are sold on their platform. If you’re already using a product or service, look to see if they have an affiliate program or a referral program. If the company does have an affiliate program you can get paid just by referring people.

The benefits of affiliate programs are you control your own schedule, and the income is unlimited. However, you’ll need to be able to effectively market the products or services to make real money.

 2. Create Online Content

Another thing you can do is create online content. You can create a blog. You can create a vlog on YouTube. You can create a podcast, and you can make money by selling ads or sponsorships.

You can use your social media to promote your content. Creating online content is a great way to share the knowledge you already have to help someone else out.

The benefits of this are, again, you get 100% control of your schedule, and the income is unlimited. However, it will take you time to build up significant income, because your income is solely based on the size of the audience you have.

 3. Find a Work-From-Home Job

The third thing you can do is find a remote work-from-home job. Several fields offer the option to work from home. These jobs pay just as much as you would get paid for going to an office.

Jobs in the human resource support field, the tech support field, customer service reps, social media manager, travel agent, are all just a few options of legit work-from-home jobs. This gives you a consistent, predictable income. Plus, you can start making money quickly.

Also, a lot of these jobs offer flexible schedules so if you need to work in the evenings, or you need to work earlier in the morning, a lot of these work-from-home jobs allow you that flexibility.

Now, the unfortunate thing is these jobs won’t give you 100% control of your schedule.

4. Become a Virtual Freelancer

Another option is to become a virtual freelancer. Sites like Upwork make it very easy for you to market your skills or abilities to be of service to someone else.

The benefit here is you can easily change the type of work you do. So, if you start off freelancing as a writer, or you start off freelancing in some other field, you can easily do one project and decide that’s not for you.

Another thing about freelancing is you can control how much you make. If you want to make $25 an hour, $30 or $50 an hour for a task, you can say that. 

The downside is some tasks may require you to work longer hours to make sure the job gets done on time. With that being said, freelancing is another great way for you to make money from home.

5. Sell Your Arts and Crafts

The fifth thing you can do is sell your arts or crafts. Sites like Etsy, or Amazon handmade, make it very easy for you to sell art, or bags, or clothing, or things that you create right from your own home.

The benefits here are, again, you get control of your own schedule and income is unlimited. Just like some of the other things we talked about here, it will take you some time to build up significant income. 

 Again, you can use your social media to help promote the things that you create and build that audience faster.

6. Create Your Own Products and Services

The sixth thing I want to present to you here is that you can create your own product or service right from your home. You can create things like online courses, e-books, software, you can do virtual coaching or mentoring, and again you can use social media to market your service.

Remember, to create a product or service, you don’t have to be a know-it-all expert. You only need to know more than the people you’re trying to serve.

Most people get discouraged when they think of trying to create their own product or service because they don’t know everything. Remember, there is someone that knows absolutely nothing, and they’ll be looking for someone like you just to help them get started.

The great thing about this option is you get 100% control of your schedule and the income potential is unlimited.

There are people that are selling products on Etsy, right now, making millions and millions of dollars. A personal story I have is a good friend of mine’s wife was fired from a job that she absolutely hated. She decided to start selling some of the things she was making on Etsy. Today, a couple of years later, she’s making a lot more money working from home selling things on Etsy than she did working that job she hated.

It will take you some time to develop an actual product or service, and it may take you time to start generating significant income, but believe me, this investment is well worth it. You can work from home into perpetuity if you do this right.

One other thing that’s very important to remember is that you can choose more than one of the options from above.

If you’re making $500 from one thing. You’re making $1,000 from another. $2,000 from another. You may be able to create a substantial income for yourself, all while working from home. Also, you’ll be in control of your own schedule.

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