Ready to become financially free? Be more like a 6-year old

by | Jul 13, 2017

Do you remember how big your dreams were when you were a kid?


Did you remember seeing a shiny BMW, Mercedes, or Range Rover with chrome rims driving down the street – and shouting to your friend that’s my car?

Do you remember watching MTV cribs, seeing marble floors, sparkling Olympic-style swimming pools, and a garage full of luxury cars, thinking I’m going to have a house like that one day?

I remember being an ashy 8-year-old kid telling my mom I was going to buy her a house.  No job.  No understanding of money.  But that did not stop me from believing I could do it.

photo of me circa 1995

Somewhere between learning to tie our shoes and getting our driver’s license, we start losing faith.  Then by the time we get our first speeding ticket or turn our tassel at high school graduation, we have no faith at all.

Somehow we become fearFULL – instead of faithFULL.  Always expecting things not to work out for us.  Until we ultimately find ourselves just settling.

That’s why so many people become adults and find themselves living paycheck to paycheck.  Driving in traffic to a job they don’t like.  Living in a neighborhood they don’t like.  Just to pay for stuff they don’t like anymore.

There’s a reason the Bible tells us “unless you become like a child God’s promises will never be revealed to you.”

You see…your goals don’t change because you become more mature.  Your hope doesn’t fade away because you become more realistic.  Your dreams don’t die because that’s just the way it is.

It’s something much deeper than that. Let me explain.

We enter this earth as spiritual beings.  Spirit believes all things are possible.  But everything in this world tries to convince us of all the stuff we can’t do.

Think about it…

You’re a 10-year old kid who tries your best on a test, but you get a “C”.  You’re a 13-year old with a business idea, but your family tells you that you can’t do it.  When you turn on the tv it’s all about making you feel like nothing you have is good enough – there’s always a newer, bigger, better thing for you to buy.

I knew a smart 7-year old kid.  I would meet with him two days a week after school for about a year.  As soon as I would crack open the classroom door he’d run up to me, waving a paper in my face, excited to show me what he learned in math.  This kid was destined to be a mathematician, engineer, scientist…pretty much anything he wanted to be.  But instead, he became an inmate at a California Correctional Institution.

The same kid with the bright smile, ambitious personality, and kind heart, is now a 19-year old young man serving seven years for armed robbery.

That’s not what he was destined to be.  What happened?

This young man did something we all do – we let the world convince us to stop believing.

Maybe your story has not been as drastic as this young man’s, but could you honestly say that you’ve been walking in faith after all God has in store for you? Or are you settling for what the world says you can have?

That’s why the Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “walk by faith, not by sight.”  And in John chapter 17, “be not of this world.”

But so often we tend to ignore this advice, right?

Instead of walking by faith, we walk by sight.  And instead of letting God lead our lives, we take direction from the world.  We see one of our friends try to start a business and fail – so we decide not to try.  We see someone make a bad investment – so we decide not to invest.  We see the majority of people take out student loans to go work for someone else – so we take out student loans to go work for someone else.

Today, I encourage you to become like a child.  Believe that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  But more importantly, believe it’s God’s will for you to live a life of peace and prosperity.

Stop worrying about the conditions you see around you.

You can make a decision today that you’re going to live a life of abundance.  No more basing your plans on other people’s failures.  If you lack wisdom – just ask.  If you lack the connections – just ask.  If you lack courage – just ask.  In the Book of James, the Bible says, “you have not because you ask not.”

I never in a million years thought I’d have enough money to travel to another country to serve others.  But I have.

photo of community center in Jamaica I helped build

This didn’t happen because I’m any different from you.  This happened because I decided that I’m going to go after all God has in store for me — no matter what society says.

You can too.

Here’s how you can make a change today

If your finances are one area you’re ready to make a change, you can start today.  Maybe you want to boost your credit.  Maybe you want to start making income on the side.  Or maybe you’re ready to start investing, so you can build a legacy for you and your family.  You can take the first step by watching my free 3-part video series Bible Money Makeover.  In the first video, I show you how you can dump debt and boost your credit score.  In the second video, I show you how you can turn your existing knowledge and skills into extra income.  And in the third video, I break down the investing strategy that has allowed me to build an investment portfolio of more than $1 million before the age of 30.  If you’re ready for Bible-based financial advice click here to start watching these three free videos today.

Here’s a legal disclaimer I have to give you: This blog is a resource to be used for educational and informational purposes only. This does not take the place of professional financial advice.  No information on this blog creates an advisor-client relationship between us.  If you’d like to get professional financial advice visit or give me a call at 424-253-6486.

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